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Travel Alert Messaging allows you to create custom alerts for your travelers. Alerts are available for each of the following areas:

  • Default homepage (after logging in)
  • Flight search
  • Hotel search
  • Car search

For example, you might want to set an alert to remind travelers they won't be reimbursed unless they keep copies of their itemized receipts.

This article shows you, a Certify Travel by Amtrav Administrator, how to enable travel alert messaging.

Step 1: On your Certify Travel homepage, click Company Settings.


Step 2: Scroll to Custom Alert Messages and click Add New Alert Message.


Step 3: Enter your travel alert message, choose a Display Location, and choose an Expirate Date/Time. When complete, click Add.


Please Note: If your company has several administrators, we recommend signing your initials to identify you as the author of the alert message.

Your alert message now appears in the chosen Display Location.


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