Release Notes: October 4, 2019


MasterCard Transaction ID Import Options

If you're a MasterCard client with a corporate credit card feed (data imported via CDF3 file), the option has been added to import the transaction ID from a different field provided by MasterCard. By default, Certify will pull a transaction ID from the <MasterCardFinancialTransactionId> field. This data point is then added to the Reconciliations and Accruals Workbench.

We've created a setting to customize the transaction ID. If this is enabled, Certify will import a transaction ID from the <AquirerReferenceData> field contained in the CDF3 file instead of the default field <MasterCardFinancialTransactionId>. The data contained in the <AquirerReferenceData> field is sometimes available in the client's online banking platform, which improves the client's reconciliation process. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.

Prevent Accountants from Changing the Processing Date

When an accountant processes expense reports, they are given the option to adjust the processing date to align with their payment or reconciliation cycles.


We've enhanced this page to prevent Accountants from changing the processing date. Contact your Customer Success Manager for details.


Receipt Requirements for GSA Lodging Expenses

To align with IRS requirements, Certify has always required a receipt for lodging expenses, regardless of the company's receipt requirement policy. Previously, Lodging receipts were required even if the expense category was a GSA Lodging category. Because of the nature of GSA Per Diem, you should not be required to provide a receipt.

The IRS requirement for Lodging expenses which also use GSA settings has now been removed. If you still wish to flag GSA Lodging expenses which do not have a receipt, you can always add a receipt requirement to the category details.

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