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Within Certify Travel by Amtrav, you can establish your company's approval workflow and manage booking notifications.

This article shows you, a Certify Travel Administrator, how to edit booking and workflow management and explains the available options.

Step 1: From your Certify homepage, click the Travel tab. Then, click Search & Book Travel.


Step 2: Click Travel Policy.


Step 3: Click the policy to edit.


Step 4: Scroll to the Booking Management section and enter your settings.


  • Flag policy violations at booking time: Whether to notify travelers of policy violations prior to booking.
  • Send Notifications for: If an email notification should be sent to someone at your company at the time booking; for out of policy bookings only; or for no bookings. For example, sending notifications to a secretary who keeps track of all travel.
  • Require Approval for: If trip approval is required for all bookings; out of policy bookings only; or for no bookings.
  • Auto-Approve for Authorized Approvers: If someone with approval rights needs to be able to approve their own bookings.

Step 5: Scroll to Notification and Approval Emails and designate the Approver (or someone who should simply receipt email notifications when a booking takes place). Click Add New Email Notification.


Step 6: Enter the designated approver (or person who should receive an email notifying them that a booking took place) for the travelers in this specific policy, and which notifications they should receive. Click Add.


Step 7: The person(s) designated in the Notification and Approval Emails section now receives approval requests based on the requirements for trip approval.

Please Note: Approval within Certify Travel is one-level. If you enter more than one Approver, the trip still only needs to be approved by just one person. Trips must be approved within 24 hours of booking.

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