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Within Certify Travel by Amtrav, you can establish rental car travel policy settings for your company's travelers.

This article shows you, a Certify Travel Administrator, the different car policy options and how to edit your settings.

Step 1: From your account homepage, click Travel. Then, click Search & Book Travel.


Step 2: Click Travel Policy.


Step 3: Click the policy to edit.


Step 4: Scroll to the Car Rental Policy section and enter your settings. Click Save at the bottom.


  • Maximum Daily Rate: Dollar limit for a rental car, per day.
  • Largest Permitted Car Type: Highest car class that can be booked.
  • Preferred Vendors Only: Whether travelers should only book with your preferred rental car vendors.
  • Maximum Rate Above Lowest Logical: The "lowest logical" rate is the most logical rate for that specific rental - taking into account the locations, car types, and time of year. This is how much you would allow a traveler to book over that amount.
  • Minimum Car Size to Consider: Restricts the lowest class of car a traveler can book.
  • Navigation Units: Whether you permit travelers to add GPS Devices when picking up their car.
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