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Certify Travel by Amtrav administrators can quickly and easily create a new user in Certify Travel and link it to a user's existing Certify Expense account. 

This article shows you, a Certify Travel Administrator, how to add a new user to Certify Travel.

Step 1: On your Certify homepage, click the Travel tab. Then, click Search & Book Travel.


Step 2: Select Users & Travelers.


Step 3: Click Add New User.


Step 4: Enter in the details for the new user. Click Add when complete.

Please Note: The email address used in Certify Travel must exactly match the email address for this user in Certify Expense.


Step 5: After adding the new user, you are prompted to edit their profile. Select their Role and Travel Policy.


If you are granting the Coordinator role, you can select the users this person can book for at the bottom of their profile.


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