Release Notes: September 13, 2019


Certify Payments Automated Error Handling

Occasionally, Certify is unable to deposit a payment into a user's account. This can happen if the user enters an invalid routing/account number, if the account on file has been closed, or if WUBS is otherwise unable to deposit the funds. Going forward, there will be several enhancements released to improve this user experience.

Now, the payment status will be provided in the expense report approval history. If the payment failed, we will display why it failed:


We will also display when a payment has been successfully released for payment:


Advance Travel Receipt Integration

If you use Advance Travel as your TMC, you can now use automatic receipt import. If you use both Certify Travel and Advance Travel, you have the choice to receive a receipt import from either OBT (Certify Travel) or TMC (Advance Travel).

Receiving the receipt from the TMC is ideal, as the TMC has the most up to date information regarding the final fare price.

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