Release Notes: September 6, 2019


Uber Receipt Integration Enhancements

Certify integrates with Uber to automatically import receipts for a rider's business trip. Previously, two receipts were imported for each trip; one receipt when the trip ends and another receipt if the user tips the driver.

This has been updated so Uber will only send Certify a receipt when the user tips. If the user does not tip, Uber will send the receipt to Certify after an 11 hour grace period. If the user tips outside of the 11 hour window, they can expect to receive two receipts to their wallet; one without a tip and one with a tip.

Flexible Reporting


By using Certify's Flexible Reporting, you can configure reports to show the columns you actually need and hide the ones you don't. We've updated our list of reports that use Flexible Reporting. Refer to this article for updates.

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