Release Notes: August 30, 2019


Admin Only Read Only Credit Card Setting

The read-only credit card setting has been enhanced, and a third option has been created. The new option, Disabled for Full Administrators, allows only a Full Administrator to delete or edit imported credit card transactions. With this option enabled, users without the Full Administration role are not able to delete credit card transactions.


The existing options, Enabled for all users and Disabled for all users, mirror the previous checkbox functionality. All clients were migrated to their existing setting when the release went live.

Adjustments have also been made to the tool-tip to better explain how to use this feature.


Deem Travel SSO

Mutual clients of Certify and Deem Travel can now navigate between the two platforms using Single Sign-On. For companies with this configured, end users will not need to authenticate when accessing the Deem Travel portal via Travel and Search and Book Travel.

Flexible Reporting Update

By using Certify's Flexible Reporting, you can configure reports to show the columns you actually need and hide the ones you don't. We've updated our list of reports that use Flexible Reporting. Refer to this article for updates.

Certify API Release Notes Email List

distribution list has been created to notify Administrators when we plan to update the Certify API. Unlike our traditional Release Notes which summarize features that have already been released, the API Release Notes will give Admins an advanced warning of upcoming changes to the APIAPI Release Notes will include:

  • Expected release date
  • Affected methods (GET/expenses, PUT/departments, POST/expensecategories, etc.)
  • Data points or parameters being added/modified

Admins or technical resources can sign up for the distribution list on our API Documentation Page.


Certify Payments - USD Wire Transfers for Non-US Bank Accounts

Certify Payments has been enhanced to allow a wire transfer in USD to any bank account outside of the US. This functionality applies to any WUBS supported countries. This would apply when a user selects USD as their default currency and enters a non-US bank for reimbursement.


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