Adding a Receipt to Multiple Expense Lines in a Draft Report


When creating an expense report, you can add one receipt to multiple expense lines. For example, you may want to do this if a tip is charged to your credit card as a separate transaction than your meal.

This article shows you how to add one receipt to multiple expense lines in a draft report.

Step 1: Once you've created an expense report, click Drafts on your homepage to access it.


Step 2: Click the expense report you'd like to edit.


Step 3: Click the pencil icon next to the expense line to add the receipt to.


Step 4: Click Select to attach the receipt to the expense.


Step 5: Click Save to complete.


Step 6: The receipt is added to the Draft Expense Report. To add the same receipt to another expense line, click the pencil icon next to another expense.


Step 7: The receipt you previously added will be grayed out, but you can still click Select to add it to this expense line.


Step 8: Click Save to complete.



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