Release Notes: July 19, 2019


Flexible Reporting Update

By using Certify's Flexible Reporting, you can configure reports to show the columns you actually need and hide the ones you don't. We've updated our list of reports that use Flexible Reporting. Refer to this article for updates.


Multiple Policy Violation Icons

Expenses with more than one policy violation will now include multiple "!" icons. This will help differentiate each violation and make it clear that the expense is in violation of more than one policy.


Personal Expenses as part of a Split Expense

Previously, the reimbursable amount of a Personal Expense was not accurate if the Personal Expense was the parent expense of a split expense.

This has been fixed so Personal Expenses will remain accurate even if it they are the parent or child expense for a split expense.

Certify API Updates

The Certify API has been updated to account for Spend Limits by Category.  Specifically, the following fields have been added to GET/expensecategories, GET/expensecategories/{id}, PUT/expensecategories, and POST/expensecategories:

  • SpendLimitPerUser
  • SpendLimitPerUserCurrencyType
  • SpendLimitPerUserTerm

Certify Mobile Sunset on Blackberry and Windows Phones

We are sunsetting the Certify Mobile App on BlackBerry and Windows phones on 10/01/2019. 


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