Managing Certify AP Departments


When syncing Certify Expense departments to Certify AP, all departments become parent departments at the company-level. To configure the hierarchy of the customer's parent and child departments, you can change the position of departments in the hierarchy.

This article shows you, a Certify AP Admin, how departments are synced from Certify Expense and how to move these departments in Certify AP.

Step 1: On your Certify AP homepage, click the Configuration tab.


Step 2: All departments begin as parent departments under the company-level. To change a department to a child department, click the name from the hierarchy.

Please Note: The company name and departments are automatically in the correct positions in the hierarchy. You only need to change the position of the child departments.


Step 3: In the Edit tab, click Change the position of this department in the hierarchy.


Step 4: From here, click the name of the department that should be the parent department.


Step 5: Click Process Move.


In the department tree, the department you moved now appears under the new parent department as a child department.


Step 6: Repeat the previous steps if necessary for other child departments. To make a department the child of a child department, click the first child department on the Move Department page.


To change the child department back into a parent department under the company-level, click the company-level as the child department's new parent.


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