Setting a No Limit + 1 Approver


No Limit Approver is an approver who can approve a transaction of any amount. A No Limit + 1 Approvers can approve or disapprove transactions that the No Limit Approver submits. No Limit Approvers are set within Signature Authority Form (S.A.F.) approval chains. In order set a No Limit + 1 Approver you must first set up a No Limit Approver within your S.A.F. For instructions on how to do so, click here.

This article will show you, a Certify Administrator, how to set a No Limit + 1 Approver.

Step 1: Within your Department Settings page in Certify AP, click the Company Preferences tab.


Step 2: Scroll to the Routing Controls section and the "No Limit" Approval Checking checkbox:

  • Mark the checkbox to require approval for the submitted transactions of the No Limit Approver.
  • Unmark the checkbox to enable the No Limit Approver to submit transactions without needing approval.


Step 3: Click Save.


Step 4: Click the S.A.F tab.


Step 5: A warning messages appears at the top of the page. Click Choose "No Limit" final approver from beneath the warning message.


Step 6: Choose an approver's name from the list. This approver will approve the No Limit Approver's Purchase Requisitions.


Step 7: The S.A.F tab now shows that the approver you selected is the No Limit + 1 Approver (or the No Limit final approver).


Step 8: To set a No Limit + 1 Approver for Invoices, select the Invoices tab and repeat the above steps.


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