Release Notes: April 8, 2019


Flexible Reporting Updates

We've updated our list of reports that use Flexible Reporting. Refer to this article for updates.

Additionally, further enhancements have been made to ReportExpress, which decreases the wait time when exporting a report to excel.

Add Credit Card Drop-Down

A small change has been made to the drop-down menu for users adding credit cards on the My Account page. If a company has more than one credit card feed, a null value will display by default. Previously, the list defaulted to the first active P-Card alphabetically. The null value will display as Select Program.

This change was made to stop users who entered their card number but didn't select a card program. Previously, if a card program was not selected, the card would be added to the first card program in the list. 


When the drop-down is opened, Select Program will be grayed out:


If a user attempts to add their card, but does not choose an active card program, they will receive a validation error:


ITandT Receipt Integration

If you book travel through ITandT you can now auto-import. The following must be true in order for receipts to auto-import:

  • From address ends with
  • Use the FIRST email address in the To field to tie to an employee.





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