Release Notes: March 22, 2019


Flexible Reporting

Certify now offers Flexible Reporting for our Analytics reports. Flexible Reporting allows a user to show or hide specific columns on a report. Users can access the available columns by clicking the Filter icon in the upper right hand corner.


Users can then select which columns they would like to show or hide for this particular report:


After clicking Apply the report automatically updates.

So far, Flexible Reporting has been applied to the following reports:

For additional information on Flexible Reporting, view our article on Using Flexible Reporting.

Reporting Speed Enhancement

Reports have been refactored to decrease the time it takes to load large reports. Now, users are seeing between 60-90% of a wait time decrease. We've also added a status bar while the report loads, giving the user a real time update on the progress of the report.


Atriis Receipt Integration

If you book travel through Atriis you can now auto-import. The following must be true in order for receipts to auto-import:


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