Approving a Packing List


Packing List is a document describing the items included in a package: their quantity, their weight, and other relevant information. Packing Lists are created by vendors, but your company might create a packing list when you receive the package. 

Packing Lists do not usually require approval. However, your Certify Administrator can choose to require reapproval for Packing Lists if the items in the Packing List arrive in a different quantity than the quantity requested in the Purchase Requisition. The employee who originally requested the items in a Purchase Requisition has approval authority over the Packing List.

This article will show you, a Certify AP Admin with the Enter Requisition permission, how to approve a Packing List for items that arrived in a different quantity than you ordered.

Please NotePacking Lists record what items your company received and their quantity, but not prices. If an items price changed after it was approved in a Purchase Requisition, that price change is recorded when the item is added to an Invoice. Your Certify Administrator can turn on the Enforce Reapproval Thresholds company preference to require reapproval for price changes in Invoices.

Step 1: On your Certify AP Dashboard, click the Packing Lists tile. 


Step 2: This is your Approval Inbox. Click the Packing Lists tab.


Step 3: To Quick Approve a packing list, click the checkbox beside it. Then, click Quick Approve.


Please Note: If you do not see the Quick Approve button, your company does not allow Quick Approvals.

Please Note: Occasionally, you may try to approve a transaction and receive a message warning you that the transaction is "pending changes." This message appears when at least one other user other than you can access this transaction and could also be making approval decisions about it. Whichever approver processes the transaction first overwrites the comments and approval actions of the other approve. If you receive this message, check with your colleagues to coordinate on who approves this particular transaction.


Step 4: To review a packing list, click the title.


Step 5: The Packing List Details page opens. Click the plus icon to expand the details of an item.


Step 6: Edit any necessary information. When complete, click the minus icon.


Step 7: To approve a line item, click the check mark icon.


Step 8: To reject a line item, click the X icon.


Step 9: Once all line items have been approved or rejected, you have a few options to choose from going forward:


  • Close: This saves your progress and closes the packing list.
  • Reset: This undoes any actions you made for this packing list.
  • Add Approver: This lets you add another approver to the packing list. The second approver will review, comment, and make approval decisions about the packing list either instead of you, or before you.
  • Save: This saves the packing list so you can return to it later.
  • Process: This will send the packing list further in workflow.

Step 10: Click Process.


Step 11: You'll be returned to your Approval Inbox. The packing list you just approved will no longer appear.




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