Release Notes: February 15, 2019


Certify Payments in the UK

Companies based in the UK can now use Certify Payments. Previously, a client had to have a business entity in the US or Canada. Now, clients must have a business entity in the US, Canada, or the UK.

Clients within the UK will also be able to use the eDebit reimbursement option for easier reimbursements. Because of the added country, we've also re-circulated the expected reimbursement time frame:

  • Major currencies: 1-4 days
  • Minor currencies: 2-7 days

API Enhancements - Mileage Rate API

The API has been enhanced to allow a company to GET, PUT, and POST mileage rate data. For companies with several mileage rates, this functionality will make it easier to create and edit their rates without manually editing each item within the Certify app.

API Enhancements - Pending Data

Companies are now allowed to retrieve pending (non-processed) expense and invoice data through the API. The following GET methods have been updated:

  • /expenses
  • /expensereports
  • /invoices
  • /invoicereports

Pending data would refer to any expense or invoice which is not in a processed state. This includes:

  • Expense/Invoice in a user's Wallet
  • Expense/Invoice in a Draft
  • Expense/Invoice pending approval
  • Expense/Invoice which has been approved but not processed
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