Customizing your Approval Inbox


All approvers in Certify AP have an Approval Inbox that shows the transactions they have permission to approve: Purchase RequisitionsInvoices, and Invoices for Accounting Review.

Certify AP enables you to customize your Approval Inbox to quickly and easily review information relevant to your role.

This article will show you, an Accounts Payable Employee, how to customize and filter your Approval Inbox.

Step 1: On your Certify AP Dashboard, select any Approvals Needed tile. 


Step 2: The Approval Inbox page opens.


Please NoteDepending on your permissions, you may see all or only some of these types of transactions in your Approval menu and inbox.

Step 3: The Approval Inbox page is organized into tabs of transactions needing Approval. Each tab displays transactions in a table. The default tabs are:

  • All: This tab shows all transactions you can approve and all information about those transactions.
  • Requisitions: For approvers with the Approve Requisition permission. This tab shows only Purchase Requisitions that need approval.
  • Invoices: For approvers with the Approve Invoice permission. This tab shows only Invoices that need approval.
  • Accounting Review: For approvers with the Accounting Review permission. This tab shows only Invoices that have been approved and need to be Accounting Reviewed, or exported to your company's accounting system.


Step 4: To create custom tabs, use one of the icons in the table below:

Icon Meaning Description
Approval_Inbox_4.png Add New Tab Click this icon to add a new tab to this page.
Approval_Inbox_10.png Clone Current Tab Click this icon to clone, or make an exact copy of the tab you currently have open.
Approval_Inbox_6.png Reset to Default Tabs Click this icon to remove your custom tabs.
Approval_Inbox_7.png Select Grid Columns Click this icon to choose to add or remove columns from the grid on this tab.
Approval_Inbox_8.png Print Current Tab Click this icon to print out the tab you currently have open.


Export Current Tab to Excel Click this icon to export the tab you currently have open to Excel.

Step 5: To add a new tab to your inbox click the Add Tab icon, and enter the title of the tab in the field provided.


Step 6: The new tab appears with the name you entered. A message reminds you to click the Select Grid Columns icon to choose which columns you want the table of transactions to display.


Step 7: When you click the Select Grid Columns icon, the Select Columns page appears in a new window. On this page:

  • The Available section displays all the columns you can add to this tab.
  • The Selected section displays all the columns you selected to add to this tab.


In the Available column, the icons show whether a column applies to one, two, or all three types of transactions: InvoicesPacking Lists, or Requisitions.


Step 8: To add a column to the Selected field, click it then click the right arrow icon. Click the left arrow icon to remove it. When finished adding columns, click Apply.


Step 9: To decide how the columns display from left to right on the page, in the Selected field, click the title of the column and drag it up or down the list. The columns on the page display in the order of this list: the column at the top of the list is the leftmost column on the page, and the column at the bottom of the list is the rightmost column on the page.


Step 10: When you're finished adding columns, click Apply.


Step 11: Back on the Approval Inbox page, your new tab will display. To clone the current tab, click the Clone Current Tab icon and enter the name of the new tab in the field provided.


Step 12: The cloned tab appears with the same columns as the previous tab. To add or delete columns, repeat the previous steps.


Step 13: The tabs in your Approval Inbox display all transactions that need approval. Occasionally, you may need to find transactions of a certain type, category or status in this list. You can filter your Approval Inbox to narrow the list. To begin filtering, click the arrow icon.


Step 14: A drop-down menu option appears. Click the drop-down menu and select a filter from the list.


Step 15: Depending on the filter you applied, extra criteria may be necessary. For example a Project Name if All Transactions - Project Name was selected. When finished, click Apply.


You can always add more than one filter to your Approval Inbox. To add more filters, click the Filter By drop-down menu again and repeat the process to select another filter.






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