Managing Certify AP User Permissions


As a Certify AP Administrator, you have the ability to manage permissions for yourself and for other employees in your company. Permission categories include PurchasesInvoicesMiscellaneous, and Reports. All permissions can be inherited with the exception of approval permission. Permission assigned in a department applies to that department and all its child or sub-departments.

This article will show you, an Accounts Payable Administrator, how to manage company permissions.

Step 1: On your Certify homepage, click the AP tab.


Step 2: Click Go to AP.


Step 3: This is your Certify AP dashboard. Click the Configuration tab.


Step 4: This is the Department Configuration page. Click the plus icon next to users to expand the menu.


Step 5: Click the user you'd like to edit from the list below.


Step 6: Click the Permissions tab.


Step 7: Any permission that is currently checked is a permission that is currently assigned to the user. To add new permissions, click the checkbox.


Common permission to allow include:

  • Approve Requisitions: Must be checked for admins to be able to approve purchase requisitions.
  • Enter Packing List and Requisitions: Must be checked for users to be able to enter packing lists and purchase requisitions. 
  • Accounting Review: When checked will send purchase items to an accountant for review after all other approvers, for example, S.A.F approvers or UBA, have reviewed it, providing a final check before the invoice is exported to your accounting system.
  • Approve Invoices: Must be checked for admins to approver invoices.
  • Enter Invoices: Must be checked for users to be able to enter invoices.

Step 8: Click Update Permissions to save the changes.





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