Editing and Dividing Budgets


Budget is an estimate of income and expenses for a certain period. Companies plan budgets in advance and maintain or adjust them as necessary.

This article will show you, an Accounts Payable Employee, how to edit and divide your company's budgets.


Editing Budgets

Step 1: On your Certify homepage, click the AP tab.


Step 2: Click Go to AP.


Step 3: This is your Certify AP dashboard. Click the Budgeting tab.


Step 4: In the Budgeting box, click Configure/View Budgets.


Step 5: This is the View and Edit Budget Figures page. Choose which Fiscal Year and which Department you'd like to edit the budget for by choosing from the drop-down menus.


Step 6: Click Submit.


Step 7: To edit a budget, click the Pencil icon.


Step 8: You can now enter in the appropriate budget amounts per month. When complete, click Update to return to your full budgets list.


Dividing Budgets

Step 1: To enter a new Total budget and divide it evenly between the months of the year, scroll right to see the Total column. Enter the new total in the Total column and click the Distribute (  ) icon.


Step 2: Certify AP divides the amount in the Total column by 12 and assigns an equal amount to each month.


Step 3: After entering the budget amounts for the GL Account, click Update.





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