Submitting a Credit Memo


Credit Memo is a document from the vendor (or your accounts payable team) to the customer that reduces the amount owed from a previous invoice and explains why the amount is reduced. This can also be called a credit note.

This article will show you, an Accounts Payable Employee, how to submit a credit memo.

Step 1: Click the Create button on the Certify AP Dashboard, then select New Credit Memo from the dropdown list. 


Step 2: This is the Create Credit Memo page. You can search for the corresponding vendor by searching by Vendor Name or the PO (Purchase Order) Number.


Step 3: After selecting your Vendor, enter the Credit Memo Date, and the Credit Memo Number.


Step 4: Click Create.


Step 5: First, edit the Header information. If any information already entered is incorrect, click Edit to change it.


Step 6: Attach any important documents and enter optional comments here.


Step 7: Add Products to the credit memo by searching for them here.


Step 8: Click Add to add the product to the credit memo.


Step 9: The Edit Line Item screen will appear. You can change the QuantityPriceDepartmentGL, and Project. When complete, click Save.


Step 10: You have three options to continue:


  • Delete: Permanently deletes the credit memo.
  • Close: Saves the credit memo and returns you back to the Certify AP dashboard.
  • Route: Routes the credit memo forward.

Click Route.

Step 11: You'll receive confirmation that your credit memo has been successfully routed.


Please Note: The credit memo has been routed based on the invoice approval chain. You will be notified via email when the credit memo has been approved.




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