Voiding a Purchase Requisition


Line items from Purchase Requisitions can be voided if a user has placed the purchase requisition and it has not yet been converted to a Purchase Order. For example, if the item is unavailable it may need to be voided. Employees will always have access to void their own line items; extra permission can be given to void others'.

Please Note: Line items cannot be voided if they are converted to Purchase Order.

This article will show you, an Accounts Payable Employee, how to void a purchase requisition.

Step 1: On your Certify AP Dashboard, click Purchasing.


Step 2: In the Requisitions box, click Manage Requisitions.


Step 3: This is the Manage Transactions screen. You can search for your Requisition by:


  • Requisition Title: the title of the Requisition.
  • Vendor: The vendor you placed the Requisition with.
  • Product Description/SKU: Describe one of the products on the Requisition, or list the SKU number.
  • Amount: Enter a range of the dollar amount on the Requisition.
  • Date Range: Enter a date range for when the Requisition was placed.

Step 4: Click Search.


Step 5: The search results that matched your search will appear under Matching Requisitions. To void a requisition, click Void.


Step 6: This is the Void Requisition screen. Click the checkboxes to the left of the line items to select them to void.


 Step 7: Comments are required when voiding a requisition. Enter them here.


 Step 8: Click Void Requisition.


Step 9: A confirmation will appear at the top of the screen that the transaction has been successfully processed.



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