Approving an Invoice in Certify AP


Once you've received products from a vendor, employees will submit the invoice internally. These invoices need to be approved by their designated approver in Certify AP.

This article will show you, a Certify AP Approver, how to approve an invoice.

Step 1: On your Certify AP Dashboard, click Invoices.


Step 2: This is your Approval Inbox. Click the Invoices tab to view what invoices have been submitted for your approval.


Step 3: Click the invoice to open the Invoice Details page.


Depending on if your company has Quick Approve enabled, you may see the Approve Selected button. Click the checkbox to the left of the invoice and click Approve Selected if you'd like to approve the invoice without looking at the details.


Invoice Details

On the Invoice Details page, you can view any attachments uploaded to the invoice, view the approval chain, any comments, and view more detailed invoice information.

invoice_2.jpgClick the minus icon to minimize the invoice header.


To open an expense line to view further details, click the plus icon to the left of the item.


: From this screen, you can edit the GL and the Project as well as see additional invoice information.


Click the minus icon to minimize the item details.


 Click View/Edit under the Comments column to see if the submitter has entered any internal comments. You can also enter your own internal comments here.



Under the Actions column you have three methods for handling line items:


  • Check Mark: Approve all expenses.
  • Question Mark: This indicates that you need to review this line item later.
  • X: Reject all expenses and send them back to the submitter.

Alternatively, you can approve/question/reject individual expense lines by using the icons to the right of the line item under the Actions column.


Be sure that each expense item has been approved, questioned, or rejected before continuing.


You have a few different methods to continue:


  • Close: Saves your current progress approving the invoice and returns you to your approval inbox.
  • Reset: Erases any changes you've made to the invoice and resets it to its original submitted status.
  • Add Approver: Send the invoice to an additional approver for approval.
  • Save: Saves your work as you continue working on the invoice.
  • Process: Approves the invoice and moves it forward in the approval workflow.

Click Process.


You'll be sent back to your Approval Inbox. 



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