Manually Adding Certify AP Products


When creating a new purchase requisition, users are able to search for Products to order. Users have the ability to add frequently used products to their company's account for future ordering. This makes adding them to purchase requisitionspurchase orders, and packing lists easier. 

This article will show you, an Accounts Payable Employee, how to add a product.

Step 1: On the Configurations page, click the Add New button in the Manage Products tile. 


Step 2: This is the Add Product screen. Start on the Product Information side by selecting to add either a Product or a Service.


Step 3: Next, select the Vendor from the Vendor drop-down menu. Also, add the Vendor Catalog or SKU #.


Step 4: Enter the Description of the product, as well as any optional information.


Step 5: Fill in the Pricing Details side.


Step 6: When complete, click Save.


Step 7: You'll see a confirmation message appear that confirms your new product has been saved.


View/Edit Products

On the Configurations page, select the Manage Products tile to access the Product List


From here, click the 'd' icon to deactivate a product. 


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