Release Notes: January 11, 2019


Updated Expense Report Submission Page

The confirmation page that displays at the end of the expense report submission process has been updated.


Invalid Approver Submission Validation

Validation has been added to the expense report submission page which will check to ensure a user's Approver is either a Manager, Executive, or Accountant.

Previously, it was possible to set a Manager as a user's Approver, then adjust the Manager's role to Employee. As a result, a user could submit their expense report to an Approver who was technically an employee. This resulted in many problems when submitting expense reports.


Now when this happens, Certify will prompt the submitter to contact their system administrator.

Certify Mobile 2.1.2 and 2.1.3

Certify Mobile 2.1.2 is fully released to both the Android and Apple App stores. This update included a few minor fixes and performance enhancements.

Certify Mobile 2.1.3 will be released in the next week and will include more performance enhancements and fixes.

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