Submitting a Packing List


Packing List is a document describing the items included in a package: their quantity, their weight, and other relevant information. Packing Lists are created by vendors, but your company might create a packing list when you receive the package. Creating packing lists will help your company keep track of the products received.

This article will show you, a Certify AP Submitter, how to create a packing list.

Step 1: Click the Create button on the Certify AP Dashboard, then select New Packing List from the drop-down menu. 


Step 2: From here, choose to Create a New Packing List, or select from Packing Lists in Progress which are packing lists that have been created, but not yet routed.



Step 3: When creating a new packing list, start by selecting a vendor from the Vendor drop-down menu. This is the vendor that has sent you the products.


Step 4: Choose a date for the packing list.


Step 5: Click Create.


Step 6: This is the Enter Packing List screen. There's a list with some helpful instructions to stay on track. First, start by entering optional comments and attaching any files to the packing list.


Step 7: Enter the Purchase Order Number to choose from products associated with a specific purchase order. Or, use the search function to search for products by description or SKU.


Step 8: Once you've found a product you'd like to add to your packing list, click the green plus icon to the right of the item.


Please Note: Click the Close All checkbox if you've received all items from the corresponding Purchase Order. Leave it unchecked until all items in the Purchase Order have been received. 


Step 9: When you've added all of the necessary items, you have three options to continue:


  • Delete: Deletes the entire packing list permanently. 
  • Save: Saves the packing list to come back to later.
  • Update: Updates any changes you've made to the items in the packing list since they've been entered.
  • Route: Moves the packing list forward in the approval process.

Then, click Route.

Step 10: You'll receive confirmation that your packing list has been routed to your approver.





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