Placing a Purchase Order


A Purchase Order is a document that formally orders goods and services or confirms the approval of a Purchase Requisition. The Purchase Order will be used to complete the purchase process, or will go to the Vendor dependent on your company's terms.

This article will show you, a Certify AP Submitter, how to place a Purchase Order.

Step 1: Click the Create button on your Certify AP Dashboard, then select Purchase Orders from the dropdown menu.


Step 2: There are step-by-step instructions at the top of the Generate Purchase Orders page that will help you stay on track. First, choose if you want to group your items:


  • By Vendor: Combines all items that share a common vendor and groups them to become one purchase order.
  • By Requisition: Keeps all items together on their respective requisitions and will result in individual purchase orders for each vendor represented on the requisition.
  • By Vendor/Bill to Department: This will separate the items into separate purchase orders if they have separate Bill To addresses associated with them.

Step 3: Depending on your organization's configurations, you may be able to Edit individual items before submitting. To do so, click the pencil icon.


Step 4: Edit the details about the product here, including QuantityDepartmentGL Account, and Project.


Step 5: If you'd like to replace this item with a different item, you can also do that from this page. Type your search criteria, and click Search


Step 6: To add the item directly to your purchase order and delete the old item, click the green plus icon.


Step 7: The new item has now replaced the old one. Click Save Changes.


Please Note: When making changes on this page, depending on your organization's settings your approver may need to re-approve the requisition before you can generate a purchase order. If that is necessary, you will see a pop-up stating this when you click Save Changes.

Step 8: Click Back to go back to the Generate Purchase Order screen.


Step 9: Enter optional comments you'd like to make visible to the vendor.


Step 10: When you're ready to generate a purchase order, click the checkbox on the right side of the requisitions.


Step 11: Click Generate Purchase Orders to complete.


Step 12: Click OK.


Step 13: You'll be brought to the Place Purchase Orders page where you can see the individual purchase orders you've generated.


Step 14: To place purchase orders, there are four methods to choose from:


  • Print: This link allows you to print out a copy of the purchase order. After printing, you can continue to place your purchase order by fax or email.
  • Fax: This link allows you to fax an electronic copy of your purchase order to your vendor if they have an available fax number.
  • Email: This link allows you to email an electronic copy of your purchase order to your vendor if they have an available email address.
  • Punchout: This link is only available for online vendor purchase orders. When clicked, it will send an electronic order to their website.

Step 15: Once you've placed a purchase order using one of the four methods, you'll receive confirmation at the top of the screen.







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