Release Notes: December 14, 2018


Detailed Meal Attendees - Find My Coworker

When creating a Meal expense using detailed attendees, you now have the option to search for your coworkers. The coworker list is populated with all active Certify users within a given instance.


Additionally, the "Manage Attendees" page has been updated with a "Show Coworkers" button. When toggled on, it will allow you to add Coworkers to a Group, or edit their attendee record to reflect the appropriate Title. By default, a Coworkers Title will be their Certify Role (Employee, Manager, Executive, Accountant).


Split Expense by Percentage

Expenses can now be split by a percentage. This option can be found within the split expense page, next to the Amount field.


After you enter a percentage, you'll be notified of how much of the expense is remaining. This percentage is also displayed.


When the expense is saved, the percentage assigned to each expense will be displayed.


Certify Mobile 2.1

Certify Mobile 2.1 is now live on most Android devices and will be available on the Apple App Store early next week.

In addition to various performance improvements, 2.1 adds the "Find My Coworker" feature to the mobile app. The receipt viewer has also been enhanced with a cleaner look.

After taking a photo of a receipt, you can tap the receipt to expand the image. After tapping, the image expands and the rest of the screen is grayed out.


There is also a new app icon that appears when the app is downloaded.


Data Archive - Batched Files

Data Archive is a monthly download of all receipts and expenses. Previously, Certify would batch expense reports in groups of 500 to prevent overly large files. 

With this update, the threshold has been dropped to batch a file at 250 expense reports.

Receipt Requirements on Lodging/Custom Per Diem

IRS regulations require a receipt for all Lodging expenses, regardless of amount. Because of this, any Lodging expense submitted through Certify will require a receipt, regardless of company policy. If a Lodging expense does not have a receipt attached, it would be flagged as out of policy.

However, Custom Per Diem can be used with Lodging expenses which created some problems. With this update, the IRS receipt requirement has been removed if a Lodging expense category is also using Custom Per Diem.



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