Release Notes: December 7, 2018


Certify Invoice Enhancements

A "Terms" column has been added to the Approval Requests and Processing Requests page of Certify's Invoice module.

This column will show whether the vendor will provide a discount if the invoice is paid early, or if the vendor will charge a late fee if the invoice is not paid on time.


This column will remind the approver/processor to take notice of the invoice's due date, as discounts or late fees may be applied accordingly. A Vendor's early pay discount days and late pay fee days are managed by going to Configuration and selecting "View and Edit Invoice Vendors".


Update to Users' Bank Statements in Certify Payments

Certify Payments now allows you to define the text which appears on your bank statements when a reimbursement is made.

Please Note: This is only for companies who use Western Union as their ACH Vendor. It is also a company preference, so it will be applied at the company level for each user. The value is also static, so it will not change from one report to another.




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