Release Notes: November 2, 2018


ACH Information Added to the API

The API endpoints GET/expensereports and GET/invoicereports have been updated to include the following data points:

  • Reimbursed (true/false)
  • ReimbursedDate (date)
  • ReimbursementTransactionID (the ACH transaction ID, either a numeric ID or 'Manual Pay')

Additionally, users can now use the following parameters when calling on the API:

  • Reimbused (true/false)
  • ReimbursedStartDate (date)
  • ReimbursedEndDate (date)


For more information on API, click here.

What's New in Certify Box Update

Two new links have been added to the "What's New in Certify" box to inform users of new and upcoming features.


"Browse the Release Notes" directs users to the Help Center Release Notes section, while "View the Roadmap" brings users to



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