Release Notes: September 21, 2018


Update to ReportExecutive

ReportExecutive has been updated so that the buffer period and All wallet items options now work together. When the All wallet items option is selected, it now only includes wallet items dated before the buffer period.


Import Personal Card Transactions Page Update

An update has been made to the Import Personal Card Transactions page so that users can recover dismissed transactions up to 30 days after dismissing them. 

A new section has been made to this page titled Dismissed Transactions (30 Days). When a user dismisses a transaction from the Transactions for Review section, it will appear in the Dismissed Transactions (30 Days) section for 30 days.


Additions to the Reimbursements Request Page

A new Payment Methods column has been added to the Reimbursement Request page. Treasurers can select the Payment Method for each expense or invoice report. The Payment Methods column has a dropdown menu with two options:

  • Mark as Paid - Treasurers - select this option if they have reimbursed the vendor or employee outside of Certify.
  • Pay by ACH - Treasurers - select this option to reimburse the vendor or employee through Certify with electronic payments.


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