Adding Individual Meal Attendees to Your Account


For frequent attendees on your meal expenses, you have the ability to pre-populate individuals for easier selection. For example, groups could be certain departments, teams, or attendees from a specific customer. This article will show you, a report submitter, how to add and manage your own pre-populated individuals for reporting meals.

To pre-populate groups of attendees, see Adding Groups of Meal Attendees to Your Account.

Step 1: On your Certify home page click your name, then click Account Settings


Step 2: In the lower left-hand corner, select Add Attendees.


Step 3: Enter the Name, Title, Company, and Relationship of the individual, and click Next to save. 


Step 4: To add the new individuals to an Attendee Group, click Manage Attendees. To enter an Attendee Group, see Adding Groups of Meal Attendees to Your Account.


Step 5: Select the pencil icon for the individual to edit their information, and/or use the Groups drop-down menu to apply them to a Group.


Step 6: For future meal expenses, this individual attendee will be available. 


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