Adding Groups of Meal Attendees to Your Account


For frequent attendees on your meal expenses, you have the ability to pre-populate Groups of attendees for easier selection. For example, groups could be certain departments, teams, or attendees from a specific customer. This article will show you, a report submitter, how to add and manage your own pre-populated groups for reporting meals.

To enter individual attendees, rather than a group, see: Adding Individual Meal Attendees to Your Account

Step 1: On your Certify home page click your name, then click Account Settings


Step 2: In the lower left-hand corner, select Add Groups.


Step 3: Enter a name for your first Group, and click Next to save. 


Step 4: To add individuals to the new Group, click Manage Groups.


Step 5: Select the pencil icon for the Group to edit. 


Step 6: All individuals that you have entered before will be shown in a list. Select Add to the applicable attendees to the Group


Step 7: Alternatively, use the Show Coworkers toggle to utilize the Find My Coworkers feature. The coworker list will be populated with all active Certify users within a given instance. Choose from this list of coworkers to add to your group.


Step 8: For future meal expenses, the selected group will then apply all selected individuals when chosen. 




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