Entering Multiple Attendees to a Meal Expense


If you have already added meal attendees to your Certify account, or included an attendee in a previous expense, these attendees are available to you to add individually to a new meal expense. This article shows you, an expense report submitter, how to select multiple attendees for a meal expense. 

Step 1: On your Certify Home page, click Drafts.


Step 2: Click the name of the expense report to open. 


Step 3: Open an existing Meal expense line, or, create a new one in the Add Expense box. To add previously saved Meal Attendee, click Find.


Step 4: From the Find popup window, select either:

  • the Attendees tab to select individual attendees that you have entered into Certify before.



  • the Coworkers tab to utilize the Find My Coworkers feature. Search for your coworkers within this list that is populated will all active Certify users within a given instance.


Step 5: Make your selections using the checkboxes. Then, click Add Attendees.


Step 6: Click Save to add the individual attendees, or group of attendees, to the expense. To remove an attendee, select the red x next to the attendee name.


Please Note: Once Meal Attendees are added, the bill will be split equally between the attendees. For example, if the total meal charge was $60 and there are three attendees, each attendee will be charged $20.


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