Release Notes: April 27, 2018


Certify Mobile 1.0.65 for Android now available in China

Previously, Android users in China had no way to download Certify Mobile due to restrictions accessing the Google Play store. Certify has now partnered with a Chinese company called AppInChina to distribute the Certify Mobile app. 

Certify Mobile 1.0.65, including all updates going forward, is now available in China's 360 Android app store. 

New Certify API Methods

An additional four new methods for the Certify API are available:

  • GET /empgld/{index} - This method will return a list of one or more employee GLD records for the current company.
  • POST /empgld/{index} - For each employee GLD element in the POST body, this method will update employee GLD records for the current company corresponding to the IDs supplied. Any elements where new values were not provided will retain their current value.
  • PUT /empgld/{index} - This method creates a new employee GLD record for the current company.
  • GET /empgld/{index}/{id} - This method returns an employee GLD record associated with the supplied ID value.


Full API documentation is always available here.

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