Entering International Direct Deposit Information for Certify Payments


If your organization is using Certify Payments, there are a few steps to enter your direct deposit account information to begin receiving reimbursement. 

This article will show you how to enter your direct deposit account information. 

Please Note: Certify Payments services both domestic and international bank accounts. To add Direct Deposit Information for a United States-based account, see: Entering United States Direct Deposit Information.

Step 1: On your account homepage click your name, then click Account Settings


Step 2: On the My Account page, select Add Account Information


Step 3: On the first step of the Direct Deposit Account Configuration page, enter your country and click Next


Step 4: Enter your banking information in the search fields provided. There are three options to search:

  • A local Routing Code is your in-country code used for electronic payments. 
  • SWIFT Code is a unique identification code of a particular bank. The SWIFT Code contains 8 to 11 alphanumeric characters. 
  • An IBAN Number is your International Bank Account Number. IBAN numbers consists of up to 34 alphanumeric characters. 

Then, click Next


Step 5: Select the radio button for your institution branch and click Next


Please Note: If no results are found, you may also choose to manually enter your bank by selecting Manually enter bank information on this screen. After entering the information, proceed to Step 6.


Step 6: Add your account information into all required fields. Click Next.

Please Note: Name on Account, Address, City, Zip Code, and Telephone are for your information associated with your account; not the bank's information. 


Step 7: Review your information, and click Next


Step 8: A confirmation screen appears to let you know your account is now set up with Certify Payments.


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