Release Notes: April 13, 2018


New Certify API Methods

The below API Methods are now available. View full API documentation here: Certify API

  • GET /cpdlists - This method will return a list of one or more custom per diem lists for the current company.
  • GET /cpdlists/{id}  - This method should return a custom per diem list associated with the supplied ID value, returning the same elements as the GET /cpdlists method.
  • GET /expensecategories -  This method returns a list of one or more expense categories for the current company.  
  • POST /expensecategories - For each expense category element in the POST body, this method will update expense category records for the user’s company corresponding to the IDs supplied. Any elements where new values were not provided will retain their current value.
  • PUT /expensecategories - This method creates a new expense category record for the user’s company.
  • GET /expensecategories/{id} - This method returns a list of one or more expense categories for the current company.


Translation Available for Currency Dropdown List

For companies using Multiple Languages, the currency dropdown list within expenses is now translated to the user's selected language when editing expenses. Users must have Language, Default Currency, and Use Multiple Currencies selected in their My Account page.


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