Receipts in Wallet Report


The Receipts in Wallet report gives you the ability to search for all receipts in users’ wallets. This includes both those receipts that have been updated, and those receipts not yet edited. This can be helpful for Accountants searching for receipts not yet submitted for approval. 

This article shows you, as a Certify Accountant, how to run and review the data in the Receipts in Wallet report.

Step 1: Scroll to the report in Reporting


Step 2: Use the applicable search parameters, and click Submit


Step 3: The Receipts in Wallet report displays:

  • Employee Name and ID
  • If the employee has edited the receipt
  • Receipt Date
  • Receipt Amount
  • Receipt Currency
  • Expense Category applied to the receipt
  • Department applied to the receipt
  • Receipt Vendor
  • Vendor Location
  • Receipt Filename, either from ReceiptParse or the employee
  • View Receipt
  • Additional Receipt Details, if available
  • Receipt Reason


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