Release Notes: March 2, 2018


MapIt! can now default to one-way trip

Previously, when creating a mileage expense, MapIt! defaulted to Round Trip. The MapIt! function now takes the last 10 expenses and compares the number of round trips to non-round trips, then defaults the Round Trip checkbox to the higher of the two. 


ACH Reimbursements Requests page updates

The Reimbursements Requests page look and feel has been updated, and the page navigation has been enhanced.
  • Expense and invoice reports are now separate
  • Loading spinner addition while the page is processing


  • No pending reports view


  • New Confirmation Message

When reimbursement requests are successfully approved, the page reloads with a message at the top of the page detailing the number of expense and/or invoice reports approved for reimbursement.


  • Sorting

You can sort the contents of each column by clicking on the header. 


Copy Again button added to Edit Expense

The Copy Expense option has been enhanced, and a new Copy Again button has been added to copied expenses when they are open in Edit Expense. This new functionality makes it even easier to create expenses from often-used information. 



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