Transferring Small Business Credit Card Expenses to Another Wallet


With a Small Business Credit Card Integration, the Master Account Holder receives any expenses that do not match with a current user's credit card number in their organization. 

This article will show you, a Master Account Holder, how to transfer expenses from your wallet to the correct user's wallet. 

Step 1: Click More Items from your home page to open the Certify Wallet


Step 2: Select the credit card expenses to transfer, and click Send Items.

Step 3: In the confirmation box, click Yes

Step 4: Select the correct user from the list of users with credit cards added to their account.

Step 5: Select the applicable credit card for that user, and click Send Items

Step 6: The credit card expenses will transfer to that user's Wallet. The user will see the expense in their Wallet with the correct credit card number attached.

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