Release Notes: November 4, 2016


Commuter Mileage

Over the past few months, Certify has worked with current customers to enhance our Commuter Mileage feature. New enhancements include:

  • If a mileage expense is set to deduct commuter miles, and the MapIt! calculated miles are less than a users entered Commute Distance, Certify will now create a zero-mileage expense. Commuter miles will not deduct in this case.

  • A colored visual queue has been added to the user interface when a mileage expense is created with an expense category that has Deduct Commute configured.

  • Add Segment is now available for mileage expense categories configured with Deduct Commute for easier entry, and correct calculation, of mileage segments.


Password Reset Notification

A user will now receive an email when their password is reset via the following methods:

  • Lost Password Wizard
  • My Account - Password Reset
  • Admin Edit User - Temporary Password

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