Approving Invoice Vendors Entered by Users


If an Invoice Vendor does not exist in Certify yet, an Accounts Payable User may add them while creating their Invoice Report. These Invoice Vendors need to be approved by a Certify Accountant before the invoice report can be processed. This article shows you, a Certify Accountant, how to approve an Invoice Vendor entered by an Accounts Payable User

Step 1: From the Home page, open My Processing Requests to view the queue.


Step 2: Invoice Reports with a newly-entered Invoice Vendor will have the checkbox disabled to process from this screen. Select the status of the report to open it. 

Step 3: Click Edit Invoice Vendor in the Details box. Attempting to process will present an alert at the top. 


Step 4: Review the Invoice Vendor details and edit as necessary. Select the Approved box when finished. Click Next.

Step 5: The Change Analysis will determine if it is safe to make the change. Click Next.


Step 6: The approved Invoice Vendor is added to the Invoice Report, and the Invoice Report is ready to be processed. 


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