Approving Invoice Reports


Just like expense reports, Invoice Reports will route through approval for processing. This article shows you, a Certify Manager or Executive, how to approve Invoice Reports

Step 1: From the Home screen, open My Approval Requests


Step 2: Open the Invoice Report by clicking on the status

Please Note: The Due Date column applies only to Invoice Reports. The Employee column will also show the Vendor for Invoice Reports.

Step 3: Review the Invoice Report details and take any needed actions via the Other Actions menu. Other Actions include:

  • Add Note
  • Inquire
  • Edit Invoice (as with expenses, your organization will have the choice of granting or restricting edit rights to approvers)
  • Split Invoice
  • Disapprove
  • Disapprove Report


Step 4: Approve the invoice line using the green checkmark or Approve All button.


Step 5: Select Submit for Payment.


Step 6: Enter optional comments, and click Submit at the bottom of the email preview.


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