Managing Purchase Orders


Certify Invoice allows for creation and managing of Purchase Orders. Purchase Orders are generally created by a company ordering product from a vendor. This number may be used to aid in reconciling invoices. This article shows you, a Certify Administrator, how to configure and manage Purchase Orders.

To Add New

Step 1: Click the gear icon.


Step 2: Select General Ledger Dimensions


Step 3: Check the box to Enable Purchase Orders. Click Save.

Please Note: When Purchase Orders are enabled, they will be required for all invoice reports.

Step 4: Back on the Configuration page, select View and Edit Purchase Orders.


Step 5: Select Create a New Purchase Order.

Step 6: Enter details for the Purchase Order. Click Save.

Step 7: The Purchase Order is now available for users. 


To Edit Existing

Step 1: From the View and Edit Purchase Orders page, use the search parameters to search for the Purchase Order. Click Submit.

Step 2: Use the pencil icon to open the Purchase Order details. Click the red x to delete the Purchase Order.

Step 3: Edit the details of the Purchase Order, and click Next.

Step 4: The Change Analysis will determine if it is safe to save the changes. Click Next.

Step 5: The Purchase Order is now changed and available for use.

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