Release Notes: September 16, 2016


Certify released a new Daily Meal Limit Policy option, allowing all meals within one day to calculate into one total. If the total of the meal expense lines exceeds your set Daily Meal Limit, the meals will be flagged as policy violations. 

This new feature is built-in to all Certify accounts.

Limits are configured within each Meals expense category. 

In addition, Certify Administrators now have access to the Daily Meal Limit by Employee report in the Analytics tab. This report presents your applicable meals expense categories with their daily limits applied, and which users use which meal expense categories. 


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  • Avatar
    May Shaw

    How do you set up the daily Meal limit amount though? Didn't see it anywhere in the configuration...

  • Avatar
    Emma Gray

    Hello May, the Daily Meal Limit is a sum of the expense category maximum amounts of each Daily Meal Limit Policy expense category that is available to the user.

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Lisa Beige

    You still didn't answer the above question from May. How do you set up the Daily Meal limit? I'd like to know as well.

  • Avatar
    Andrew McFarland

    Hello Lisa, We'll follow up via email with specific instructions on how to configure this new feature!

    -Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Jessica Kirby

    Hi there. Can i get these specific instructions too?

  • Avatar
    Jennifer Richardson

    Hello Jessica, this link to our Help Center article can assist you with the process:
    We have also followed up with you via email in case you have any additional questions.

    -Certify Support