Manually Importing Credit Card Expenses


Accountants may use the copy/paste link within the Receipts tab to import employees' credit card expenses. An Accountant may use this method if they receive a failed imported expenses notification, or as an alternative to a credit card feed entirely. This article will show you how to manually import credit card expenses.

Step 1: In the Add Receipts box on your Home page, select More Methods.

Step 2: Underneath Credit Card Import, click Copy and Paste.

Step 3: In a separate tab or browser, login to your credit card expenses via your bank website.

Step 4: Select and copy the desired lines from your online credit card statement. Paste into the Certify Expense Data box.

Step 5: Select the name of the employee whom should receive these expenses in their Certify Wallet, and indicate if the expenses are reimbursable or non-reimbursable to the employee.

Step 6: Click Next. These expenses are now available for expense reports via the employee's Certify Wallet.


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    If we add like this, this will not automatically take the expense category. We need to go and manually change the category for this expenses. Is there a way where this automatically takes category also

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    The option to select the name of an employee is no longer available. Is this a permanent change? If so, how should I go about adding failed import transactions?

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    I have 2 old charges without receipts I would like to move out of my wallet.
    12/26/17 TSBPA $66.00 and 1/18/18 Mesero $106.63.