Requesting a Cash Advance


Our Cash Advance feature provides a way to request cash advancements prior to incurring reimbursable expenses. A Cash Advance Balance is presented on the Certify Home Page. Reimbursable expenses will draw down the Cash Advance balance. This article describes how to request a Cash Advance in an expense report through Certify. 

Step 1: On your account homepage, use the New Expense Report button to create a new report for the cash advance request.

Step 2: Select Start with a blank expense report. Click Next.

Step 3: Enter a Name and Date Range for the request. Click Next.

Step 4: Click Add from My Certify Wallet to attach any documentation if required. 


Step 4: Click edit or use the Cleanup Wizard to enter the details of your request.

Step 5: In the Add Expense box, select a Cash Advance category and enter the Amount of the Cash Advance you would like to request. Click Save.

Step 6: Click Submit for Approval. 

Step 4: Once the expense report is approved and processed, the Cash Advance Balance will appear on your Home Page. You should receive the funds through an internal process at your company.

Please Note: Any reimbursable expenses submitted in the same expense report as a Cash Advance request will not be counted against the Cash Advance's balance. 

Step 5:  All Reimbursable expenses submitted will draw down your Cash Advance Balance and will be deducted from the total reimbursable amount, until all of the cash advance balance has been used. Click the Cash Advance Balance link on your homepage to view details on your cash advance activity.


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    Georgia Lemon

    I am trying to request cash advance, but I cannot submit with a receipt - I will not have a receipt until after I get the cash advance

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    Jillian McLeod-Tardiff

    Hi Georgia,
    This would be a great question for your company's internal Certify Administrator. They can let you know more about their expense/receipt policies. You can find their contact info by clicking Support at the top of your page. I'll reach out via email with more information.
    -Certify Support