Copying a Disapproved Receipt to your Certify Wallet


From time to time, an expense report you submitted may have been approved and processed with a disapproved expense line. When this happens, you may access the processed expense report and copy the disapproved receipt to your Certify Wallet to include in your next expense report.

Step 1: On your account homepage, select the option under My Expense Reports that contains the expense report: Pending Payment or Archived.

Step 2: Click the Name of the expense report that contains the disapproved expense line.

Step 3: Locate the disapproved expense line. In the Receipt column, click the Open icon with the plus sign to copy the receipt image to your Certify Wallet. 

Step 4: Confirm you would like to copy the receipt and place it in your Certify Wallet by clicking Yes in the Confirmation popup window.

Step 5: The receipt attached to the disapproved expense line is now available in your Certify Wallet to include in your next expense report.

Please Note: If the expense is not linked to a p-card master, both the receipt and the expense data will be copied to your Certify Wallet. If the expense is linked to a p-card master, only the receipt will be copied to your Certify Wallet.

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    Is there a way to copy a receipt from a processed report that was mistakenly marked non-reimbursable back to your wallet?

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    Jennifer Richardson

    Hello Matthew, a receipt can be copied from a processed expense report as long as the expense line is disapproved. Approved expenses on processed expense reports will not enable the copy receipt option.

    -Certify Support