Release Notes: February 5, 2016


Certify Mobile Update - Certify Mobile v1.0.56 has been released for iOS, Android, and Windows. Enhancements include:

AutoSync -This feature gives the user the option to allow Certify to automatically sync all of a user's expense data

  • This feature can be found under Tools & Support, and allows the user to select either AutoSync or Manual for the Sync Method
  • When AutoSync is invoked, it will perform a full background synchronization, as long as the app remains open
  • AutoSync will run using any connection available, including wi-fi or data plans

Currency Entry (Android Only)- This feature allows the user to easily select a keyboard type (default keyboard, Numeric Keyboard,etc.)

  • When the Certify Mobile Amount field is displayed, the Numberic Keyboard will be displayed
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    The numeric key board appears on my phone but there is no decimal point available for entry. Do I need the upgrade or am I missing something?

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    Mike West

    Hi there!

    This is an issue with the built in keyboards of select Android devices, but we do have a solution in place!

    Go into Tools & Support and switch Currency Entry option to Normal.

    This will bring back the keyboard you are used to seeing.

    -Certify Support