Certify Mobile Tip Assist


Often, tip and gratuity amounts are written in handwriting and may be hard to read. Tip Assist presents an easy-to-use screen for adding tip amounts accurately via Certify Mobile. This article shows you how to utilize the Tip Assist feature.

Step 1: In Certify Mobile, capture a receipt image, and then click the AutoFill button.


When Autofill detects a Tip or Gratuity line on the receipt image, the Amount field will populate with a yellow background and the Tip Assist screen will pop up.

Step 2: Add the tip amount in three different ways:

  • Enter the amount directly in the +Tip amount field.
  • Tap the up/down arrows to add or deduct whole dollars. When used with the percentage option, the arrows will initially round up/down to the closest whole dollar, then increase or decrease in one dollar increments.
  • Select a tip percentage.


Step 3: Click Save and the tip is added to the expense amount.    


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