Assigning and Managing Delegate Users


Certify allows users (Authority Accounts) to designate other users (Delegate Users) to act on their behalf within Certify. This article shows you how, as an Authority Account user, you can assign and manage Delegate Users.

Add a Delegate User

Step 1: On your account homepage, next to My Account, click the box with your name and select Manage Delegate Users from the dropdown menu. 

Step 2: On the Manage My Delegate Users page, enter the last name and the first name of the user(s) you would like to assign Delegate User privileges to into the field provided.

Step 3: Next to the Grant Permission area, click the checkbox for each activity you would like the Delegate User to have permission to do on your behalf. Click Save Permissions.

Step 4: After saving, you will see the Delegate User name(s) under Current Delegate Users, as well as a list of granted permissions based on your selections on the previous page.

Edit Delegate User Permissions

If you would like to make changes to a Delegate User's permissions, click the edit (pencil) icon at the left of the Delegate User’s name. Click or deselect the checkbox for each permission you would like to grant or revoke. Select Save Permissions to continue. The updated permissions will be reflected under Current Delegate Users.

Remove a Delegate User

If you would like to remove a Delegate User, click the red x to the left of the Delegate User’s name. A popup will ask if you are sure you want to revoke permissions for the Delegate User. Click Ok to continue. The Delegate User you removed will no longer appear under Current Delegate Users or in the dropdown menu at the top of your Certify account homepage.

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  • Avatar
    Alvaro Pacheco

    Does the delegate also receive emails when an expense reporting is waiting for approval? I.E. The approver is on vacation but assigned her supervisor as delegate to approve expense reports on the approver's behalf.

  • Avatar
    Kamara McGlorn

    Hello Alvaro,

    Yes, the delegate will be copied on the emails as well. To make sure this is enabled please go to my account > email notifications, and confirm it is selected for delegates to receive notifications as well.

    Certify Support

  • Avatar
    Lucy Smith-Strouse

    What responsibility for the delegate will enable the delegate to send a receipt to their wallet?

  • Avatar
    Tyler Christian


    Once you give another user delegate access you'll be able to send items to their Certify Wallet from your Certify Wallet. I'll follow up through email to make sure you understand how to do this.

    Your Certify Support Team